Young adults up to 25

Young adults up to 25

Young adults up to 25

Young adults up to 25

Good self-care starts with healthy habits.  Cosmetic issues at the forefront in young adults are:

Skin care and enhancing beauty

Acne control and reducing acne scars

Hair removal

This is a crucial period in which habits established can significantly impact your long-term skin health.

A consistent skin care routine can be a form of self-care, contributing to positive mental well-being. Taking time for oneself and engaging in a routine that promotes healthy skin can boost confidence and self-esteem. Skin care is not only about preventing issues but also about enhancing natural beauty. Well-maintained skin can have a radiant and healthy appearance, contributing to an overall well polished look.

Important considerations for young adults:

Quality skin care: Forget overwhelming shelves at the drug store and endless pages of online scrolling.  We will help you find the right products for your specific concerns.

Quality skin procedures: Hydrabrasion and peels help you exfoliate, glow and improve the absorption of your skin care products.

Acne control: We have treatments to help fight acne (check out our hydrabrasion and peels along with our skin care) and to soften the appearance of scars (have a look at PRP, Clearlift laser and Photofacials).  Let’s get you loving your skin again!

Hair removal: Why have the nuisance of dealing with the unwanted hair, razor burn, ingrowns, etc.? With laser hair removal, you can clear the area for a lifetime of enjoyment.  Laser is faster, more comfortable and safter than ever.  It is a great time to consider it.

Treatments young adults might be interested in at our clinic:

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