20’s and 30’s

20’s and 30’s

20’s and 30’s at Dr Amber Bocknek in Aurora, ON

20’s and 30’s

In your 20’s and 30’s, life is busy and time is precious. You are accomplished, moving forward in life. You’ve developed a clearer sense of identity. “I know who I am, what I value, and what I stand for. This self-awareness guides my decisions and interactions with the world.”

Now is the time to focus on your natural beauty, with good skin care and starting your preventative routine. Be runway ready – for the boardroom to the evening venue to your comfy couch. Carpe Diem – Seize the day!

Important considerations for 20s and 30’s:

Quality skin care: Forget overwhelming shelves at the drug store and endless pages of online scrolling. We will help you find the right products for your specific concerns. Sunscreen, topical high quality vitamin C and Retin A can be very beneficial in keeping even tones and a gorgeous glow.

Quality skin procedures: Hydrabrasion and peels help you exfoliate, glow and improve the absorption of your skin care products.

Preventative anti-aging treatments: Botox is often considered at this time to “stop the clock” as well as assist with early lines. Clearlift laser stimulates new collagen over your lunch break.

Microneedling bolsters collagen production and firms the skin.

Early intervention treatments: Photofacials, Peels, PRF/PRP, can help reduce unwanted pigmentation, flushing, old acne scarring, and the development of fine lines.

Enhancing your natural beauty: Injected dermal fillers can be used to accentuate your lips, your jaw and cheek lines and any of your facial curves.

Hair removal: Why have the nuisance of dealing with the unwanted hair, razor burn, ingrowns, etc.? With laser hair removal, you can clear the area for a lifetime of enjoyment. Laser is faster, more comfortable and safter than ever. It is a great time to consider it.

Vaginal health and wellness: After childbirth, there can be changes to your body causing bladder leakage with your activities and laxity that may interfere with enjoyment of intimate moments with your partner. The Emsella chair can help strengthen your pelvic floor and the Femilift can help the vaginal walls to regain some of their tone. PRP/PRF in this area can stimulate new tissue production and enhance sensitivity (known as the O-Shot and G-Shot).

Treatments that you might be interested in are:

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