Dr. Amber Bocknek

Sexual dysfunction and loss of sexual enjoyment or ability is a common concern that can impact individuals of any gender, and understanding and addressing these issues are essential for overall well-being.

Sometimes sexual function issues are caused by medical issues, medications, and surgery.  Further, sexual function can be complicated by the development of urinary incontinence and bladder leakage.

With privacy and sensitivity, we can explore the nature of your concerns.

You can explore treatments for both sexual experience and function under these treatment headings:

Emsella chair for women, which is a fully clothed treatment of pelvic floor strengthening with Kegels

Femilift, which is an internal laser for laxity and sexual response along with secondary benefits in stress urinary incontinence

O-Shot and G-Shot, which is a division of PRP/PRF, a natural treatment using your own blood to stimulate new tissue growth and sensitivity