Trans and LGBTQ+ community

Trans and LGBTQ+ community

Trans and LGBTQ+ community in Aurora, ON, Canada, by Dr Amber Bockneck

Trans and LGBTQ+ community

Live your best, authentic life! We are here to empower you. Our clinic wants to help provide a sense of control over your body and shape your external presentation in a way that aligns with your internal gender identity. For our non-binary and genderqueer patients, we can assist you in your pursuit to affirm a specific gender presentation or affirm your own uniquely beautiful self-vision.

Important considerations for trans patients and the LGBTQ+ community

Quality skin care: Forget overwhelming shelves at the drug store and endless pages of online scrolling. We will help you find the right products for your specific concerns. Sunscreen, topical high quality vitamin C and Retin A can be very beneficial in keeping even tones and a gorgeous glow!

Quality skin procedures: Hydrabrasion and peels help you exfoliate, glow and improve the absorption of your skin care products.

Gender affirming treatments:

Botox can be used in gender affirmation. With Botox, we can sculpt the brow to arch and feminize, or alternatively to flatten the brow and masculinize the facial features. Further, Botox can be used in the masseter muscles to soften the jaw and create a more oval, feminine facial shape. Botox is often considered at this time to “stop the clock” as well as assist with early lines. Injected dermal fillers can be used to revolumize accentuate your lips, your jaw and cheek lines to further enhance your gender identity – both to feminize or masculinize.

Laser hair removal: Can be used for all gender identities, in different ways depending on the request. With laser hair removal in those looking for a feminine projection, we can treat the face, neck, chest, and limbs. For those with a masculine projection we can assist you with your grooming needs treating any body area of concern. Why have the nuisance of dealing with the unwanted hair, razor burn, ingrowns, etc.? With laser hair removal, you can clear the area for a lifetime of enjoyment. Laser is faster, more comfortable and safter than ever. It is a great time to consider it.

Preventative anti-aging treatments: Clearlift laser stimulates new collagen over your lunch break. Microneedling bolsters collagen production and firms the skin.

Early intervention treatments: Photofacials, peels, PRF/PRP, can help reduce unwanted pigmentation, flushing, old acne scarring, and the development of fine lines.

PRP/PRF: Using your own natural growth factors from your blood, problem areas can be injected to stimulate you to make your own natural collagen. This treatment is intended for skin tone, fine lines, crepe-like skin and firming. PRP/PRF is also used in hair rejuvenation.

Fractional Laser resurfacing: This treatment can help reduce stubborn pigmentation, even skin tone, stimulate the formation of new collagen and improve skin firmness.

Treatments that you might be interested in are:

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