Dr. Amber Bocknek

Moles and skin tags

Dr Amber Bocknek has a CO2 laser that can be used to vaporize small moles, skin tags and other raised lumps and bumps.  The procedure can be made very comfortable by use of freezing (where appropriate).  After the laser session, there will be a small wound that will require care while it is in the healing phase.  Side effects are not common, but possible.  These can include a wound infection that may require further treatment and prescription medications, pigmentation disturbances and on rare occasions scarring can occur.

Before any treatment, Dr Amber would wish to see you and examine your moles.  A thorough discussion of the treatment, the care and the possible side effect would be reviewed.  Your questions are always welcome.

For more information, please email us today to schedule your private consultation.

At a glance


None, but wound takes 7-14 days to heal over

Procedure length

20 minutes


Minimal with anaesthesia options

Session protocol

Goal is full removal at initial treatment

Repeat session only if residual tissue remains



Return visit only if new lesions occur