Dr. Amber Bocknek

Medical Botox: hyperhidrosis, migraine, TMJ/bruxism

There are several medical conditions which can be helped by the injection of Botox including migraines, teeth clenching, and overactive sweating.

For the treatment of migraines and pain, the Botox causes your muscles to relax.  This relaxes your "knots" and "trigger points," alleviating some of the pain. Botox also has effects on neurologic pathways of pain which are still being studied.

For the treatment of overactive sweating, the Botox interferes with a neuro-receptor, called acetylcholine, which interacts with the sweat gland and thus blocks its ability to sweat.

The improvements on migraines, pain, and sweating are long lasting, but neither condition is permanently cured through Botox treatments.  Most people experience several months of relief.  The exact number of months varies from person to person.  However, like all medications - there are a few non-responders out there.

Even though this is medical Botox, neither the drug nor the injection of the drug is OHIP covered.  To try to help people keep their costs down, Dr. Amber Bocknek prescribes the Botox for your injections.  Many private drug plans do cover Botox (specifically "Therapeutic Botox").  The injection fee is billed to the patient at the time of injection.  Medical receipts are provided, and can be claimed as an income tax deduction.  Some individuals with a special insurance plan called a "health spending account" may be eligible for reimbursement for the injection fee also.

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At a glance



Procedure length

20 minutes



Session protocol

First session lasts 2-3 months

Subsequent sessions last 3-5 months


Best results in those with regular maintenance


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