Dr. Amber Bocknek

Botox is a proven cosmetic treatment that can improve the look of crow’s feet, frown lines between the eyebrows, and horizontal forehead wrinkles.

Facial expression lines are created by contractions of the underlying muscles which pull the skin together when you smile, laugh, or frown. Botox gently relaxes these muscles that create the wrinkles.

Within 7-10 days after treatment, your worry, frown, and laugh lines are reduced. Botox creates a more youthful and relaxed appearance which lasts between three and six months. The ongoing progression of your wrinkles will be prevented during the course of Botox treatment.

The actual procedure involves a minuscule amount of Botox simply and safely injected into the wrinkle by a tiny micro-needle. There is no more discomfort than a bug bite!

A Botox procedure requires no sedation or preparation, and generally takes less than 10 minutes. You can return to your normal activity immediately.

Botox can be safely used on all skin types and for both males and females. Slight bruising may occur, and on very rare occasions, nearby tissue may experience temporary transient weakness.

 Average Units per Treatment

  • Frown Lines (the number 11 that forms between the brows): 25-35 units on average
  • Upper Forehead Lines (the horizontal lines on the forehead): 10-16 units on average
  • Crow’s Feet / Smile Lines (the lines radiating out from your eyes while smiling): 20-30 units average for the PAIR of eyes
  • Bunny Lines (the lines on the bridge of the nose): 10 units on average
  • Upper Lip Lines (lines that form when puckering): 8 units on average

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