Dr. Amber Bocknek

MD CCFP, Clinic Director

Dr. Amber Bocknek is a physician with over 25 years of experience in clinical medicine. She is a clinic director known for her warmth, gentle touch, and exceptionally natural-looking results. Amber graduated from the University of Ottawa in 1996 with a degree in Medicine in the top 10% of her class. After graduating, she completed her emergency and family medicine residency at McMaster University. Dr Amber has her fellowship in cosmetic dermatology and diploma in non-surgical cosmetic gynecology, through the Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine.
Her love for procedural work in emergency medicine and background in biophysics gave rise to her interest in cosmetic and laser procedures. She started her laser and cosmetic practice in 1999, working in Brantford. Quickly, she became known in her field for her work, lecturing and teaching locally and intentionally from 2003-2009.
Amber has a way of helping her patients feel at ease.
Amber explains everything in a way that is practical and patient-focused. She always makes people feel like their concerns are being heard, and they are being supported.
Amber lives in Keswick with her Husband, Jory (a veterinarian), and their four kids are pretty much all grown up. Amber loves animals of all kinds, with two dogs and three cats (and would have even more pets if the city bylaws did not have rules), going to the gym, and playing the concert harp. Amber is currently trying to brush up on her windsurfing skills while not injuring herself (as she has trouble accepting that “technically” she is a middle-aged woman).

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